Episode 6. Amelia: flowers and sensitivity

Amelia Moreno Guillén was born in Artenara, a village she still dearly adores, although at the age of three she moved to Arucas as her father was transferred there for professional reasons. At a very young age she joined the flower business that her sister Pilar started when she was only 18 years old. Today, together with her brother Isidoro, they run two flower shops in the municipality of Arucas, although Amelia always preferred to stay and run the business in the centrally located Calle León y Castillo in the historic centre of Arucas.

Amelia is in charge of decorating the pedestrian street that welcomes visitors to the historic centre of the City of Flowers with flowers from her shop every day. A picture that has remained the same for the past three decades.

Yesterday Carmen and I were walking along a street in Arucas. We saw the flowers that decorate the beginning of the street and greeted the owner of the florist's shop, a charming woman with green eyes, like the leaves that surround her. When she greeted us, she gave us a pleasant smile and a few friendly words.

(Pepa Marrero: Silencios en pausa. 2021, Ed. Canaria Ebook. Excerpt from the story “La importancia de lo invisible”)


Amelia is passionate about her work, a profession directly linked to people's feelings, whether of joy or sadness, and she feels fortunate to share these bonds with her customers. On Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and All Souls' Day, the florist's shop becomes a pilgrimage centre where you can find the right flower to celebrate love, affection or memories.

We thank Amelia and her family for the care and sensitivity they put into their work, meeting the daily requests of both neighbours and tourists who visit our city. Good luck and success to the Flores de Arucas team and may there never be a lack of beautiful flowers in Arucas.


Production and direction: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Arucas (Concejalía de Promoción Económica y Turismo)

Camera: Antonio Domingo Pérez Acosta (Reflejos pro)

Editing: Teresa Armesto (Reflejos pro)

Script and interviews: Epifanio Gómez Navarro y David Cabrera Guillén

Photography Nacho González Oramas

Assitants: Carla Castilla Falcón y Carla Lorenzo Santana

Collaboration / Acknowledgmentss: Flores Arucas; Pepa Marrero

Funding: Gobierno de Canarias (Consejería de Turismo, Industria y Comercio) y Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Arucas (Concejalía de Promoción Económica y Turismo)