Beaches awarded with the Blue Flag

Beaches awarded with the Blue Flag

The municipality of Arucas has two Blue Flag beaches, El Puertillo beach and Los Charcones beach..

The Blue Flag Campaign

"The Blue Flag Campaign"
The Blue Flag is an environmental distinction awarded to the municipalities investing a great deal of effort in the management of the coastline, the coastal waters and the beaches. To be awarded the Blue Flag, the local community and the beaches must comply with a number of criteria related to the bathing water quality, the environmental information and education, the safety and the services and facilities.

The Blue Flag has been created and awarded by the FOUNDATION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION IN EUROPE (FEEE), a private entity represented by the Environmental Organisation in each State. The entity managing the FEEE´s Programmes in Spain is ADEAC (Association for the Environmental and Consumer Education).

The area has the following services, Parking, Information Board, Toilets for handicapped people, Toilets, Restaurant Area, Selective Waste Containers, access points to the beaches, Parking for handicapped people, Special access for handicapped people, Lifeguard towers, Central Control, First aids station and Sampling analysis station,.

The Coast of Arucas

We can divide the coast of Arucas into two different stretches. The first is relatively flat and eventless, going from San Andrés to El Puertillo, with several beaches formed by black sand, round stones and gravel; the second, which is much wilder, goes from El Puertillo to Tinocas. It is quite eventful, with a discontinuous and abrupt coastline dominated by cliffs.

The Coast of Arucas



El Puertillo

White sand beach with 360 meters length approximately. You will find restaurants, bars and park.

San Andrés

Beach of fine yellow sand and pebble 450 meters long that has parking, telephones, cleaning service, accommodation on the seafront, camping and bus stop. It is located in the neighborhood of the same name at km 13 of the Autovía del Norte in the direction of Guía.

Los Enanos Beach

310-meter-long pebble beach with a bus stop. It is located in the San Andrés neighborhood, about 100 meters before the San Andrés Beach.

El Peñón Beach

150-meter-long pebble beach with a bus stop. It is located on the Autovía del Norte towards Guía, 900 meters from the kilometer point.

Quintanilla Beach

Beach of fine sand and pebble of about 300 meters in length. It has parking, telephones, cleaning service, accommodation on the seafront, camping and bus stop. It is located on the C-810 at 600 meters from the kilometer point.


A 130-meter long beach of blonde sand and stones located just before Quintanilla Beach.

Las Fuentes

170-meters-long pebble beach. It is located close to the Autovía del Norte, in the direction of Guía, at the point of 11 kilometre, only 200 meters from there.

Las Coloradas

80-meters- long pebble and stone beach with park, telephone and refreshments stand. Playa de Las Salinas 210 meter long cliff beach. Access by foot.

Natural pools

Naturals Pools

"Los Charcones" Natural Pools

Three Naurals Pools.