Practical Information

Tourist Office

The new Tourism Office is located in an historic building in the Historic Center, which hosted the first school of Arucas in 1835, as subsequently being used as police station almost all the last 20th century, still preserving the old cells opened to the visitor´s curiosity. He will find here a meeting- and starting-point to visit the city, getting the best attention and tourist information.

It has a lift for access to the typical canary patio and services for disabled people. It is located on the main pedestrian street in the historic center, a few meters away from the Church of San Juan Bautista, tourist icon of the town. Its spacious and multifunctional hall, with capacity for 150 people, equipped with the latest technological advances, ideal for holding courses, conferences, screenings or exhibitions of paintings or photographs. In its first year of opening has assisted more than 20,000 users, and is currently one of the tourist offices in Gran Canaria with better facilities to manage the demands of users.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 h

Visitor service

The Support Service and Tourist Information are destined to welcome the visitors to the town of Arucas and their main aim is to improve the tourist satisfaction about the destiny and to please them in their demands for information about the tourist offer they can enjoy. The Tourism Office of Arucas ( depending from the Tourism Councillorship ) is the responsible for providing support services and tourist information.These services are provided in the building situated on the street León y Castillo, nr. 10, located in the Historic Center of Arucas, and are managed by the staff of the Tourism Office. The main purpose of the Tourism Office of Arucas focuses on facilitating regularly a comprehensive tourist information of the municipality of Arucas and the island of Gran Canaria to the citizens and visitors. This is related to the tourist resources, transportation, accommodation, services, monuments, shows and other activities associated with tourism and leisure. Since 2011 it features the distinctive quality SICTED (Integral System of Tourist Quality).

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 h


On-site Attention Service
Personal Support Service: this is a personalized service to all users who come in person to the Tourism Office of Arucas, offering a complete, decisive, objective and immediate attention and serving as link between the visitor and the municipality.

Non-Presential Attention Service
Distance Support Service: it is a service that even pretend to approach the indispensable information about the tourist offer of the municipality to the citizens of Arucas and current and potential visitors, in a straightforward way, without having to go to the Tourism Office. This service is provided via phone, fax, mail, email and social networking sites, where the Tourist Office is registered.

Specialized Attention Service
Specialized Support Service: it is a service of attention to demands that need a more personalized and exhaustive attention by their characteristics, providing an appropriate solution to each specific circumstance, as well as provide support and intercommunication between visitors and municipal establishments , in the search for accommodation and catering. Moreover from this service it manages the attention to mass media, groups, tour guides and disable people.

Self-consultation service
Auto Consultation Service: it is a service provided by the Tourism Office and allows the users to be self-sufficient to get the information through various brochures about the tourist offer of Arucas or through the free internet access on the computer provided for this purpose.

Guided tours service "A walk through the Historic Center of Arucas"
Guided tours services "A walk through the Historic Center of Arucas" It is a service of guided visits through the Historic Center of Arucas, mainly aimed at groups of school-centers, neighbourhood, cultural and sport associations.

Tels. Emergencies and Services P.

Name Adress Tlf
Health Center C/ Médico Anastasio Escudero Ruiz, 2 928 624974
Post Office C/ Servando Blanco Suárez, 4 928 600169
Red Cross G.C.-300 Km- 16,700 928 622222
Global (Bus Station) C/ Bruno Pérez Medina, 2 928 252630
Civil Guard C/ Médico José Ojeda Guerra,1 928 624930
Court C/ Plaza de Vargas, s/n 928 211490
Taxis StationBañaderos C/ Antonio Jiménez M. (Bañaderos) 928 600177
Taxis Station Cardones C/ Párroco Déniz (Cardones) 928 600177
Taxis Station nº 1 C/ Bruno Pérez Medina 928 600177
Taxis Station nº 2 C/ Francisco Gourié 928 600177
Taxi Station Santidad C/ Fernando Caubín Ponce, s/n 928 600177
Local Police C/ Bruno Pérez Medina, 7 928 624567
Civil Protection Zona de Barreto, 4 928 601877
Emergency 112

Telephone Numbers of Interest

Name Adress Tlf
Mayor´s Office Plaza de la Constitución, 1 928 628101
Municipal Warehouse (Matadero) Camino del Matadero, s/n 928 605825
Town Hall (swichboard 1) C/ Suárez Franchy, 11 928 628126
Town Hall (swichboard 2) C/ Suárez Franchy, 11 928 628123
Municipal Library C/ León y Castillo, 5 928 633461
Town Halls Plaza de la Constitución, 1 928 628101
Senior Center Avda. El Mirón, 18 928 601444
Municipal Sports Hall(CDA) C/ Doctor Fleming, 3 928 622012
Councillorship of Culture C/ León y Castillo, 5 928 622795
Councillorship of Festivities Plaza de la Constitución, 2 928 605854
Councillorship of Social Service C/ Médico Anastasio Escudero Ruiz, 2 928 622064
Arucas Local Radio Station 107.90FM C/ Suárez Franchy (frente a oficinas municipales) 928 633561
Municipal Artistic Academy C/ Marqueses de Arucas, 38 928 605072
Municipal Market C/ Fernando Caubín Ponce, 8 928 623544
Municipal Museum C/ Barranquillo, 3 928 628165
Municipal Sports Center Zona de Barreto, 4 928 621754
Local Development Office C/ Médico Anastasio Escudero R., 3 928 622888
Municipal Office of youth, leisure and free time Plaza de los Derechos Humanos, 3 928 622736
Environment Office C/ El Cerrillo, 9 928 623173
Historical Heritage Department C/ Gourié, 3 (Casa de la Cultura) 928 621664
Equality Policies Office Plaza de los Derechos Humanos, 3 928 601948
Tax income Office C/ Médico Anastasio Escudero Ruíz, 3 928 623307
Tourism Office C/ León y Castillo, 10 928 623136
Municipal Sport Center "Tonono" Zona de Barreto, s/n 928 621754
Municipal Water Service C/ Suárez Franchy,11 (oficinas municipales) 928 628124
Municipal Society "Siglo XXI" C/ Médico Anastasio Escudero R., 3 928 622432

Places of Interest

Name Address Tlf
Cultural Centre C/ Gourié, 3 928 605400
Interpretation Centre of Stonework C/ Alcalde Francisco Ferrera, 1 928 621747
Arehucas Rum Distillery (Fábrica de Ron) C/ Era de San Pedro, 2 928 624900
Mapfre Guanarteme Canary Foundation C/ León y Castillo, 6 928 604867
Water Inheritance of Arucas and Firgas C/ La Heredad, 1 928 600103
San Juan Bautista Church Plaza de San Juan 928 605622
The Marchioness´ Garden Ctra. Arucas - Bañaderos, Km.1 928 604486
"La Cantera" Museum C/ Los Callejones, 4 (El Cerrillo) 928 623510
Municipal Museum C/ Barranquillo, 3 928 628165


Name Address Tlf
"Anatot" Inn Ctra. Cruz de Pineda, 5 928 605544
"Las Regaderas" Rural House C/ El Caidero 20 (La Montañeta) 928 464464
"Hacienda del Buen Suceso" Rural Hotel Ctra. Arucas-Bañaderos, km. 1 928 622945
"Lomo Jurgón Atis Tirma" Inn (Albergue) C/ Lomo Jurgón s/n 673 174347