Episode 10. Nereida: passion and horses

Nereida Gil Cubas was a medical visitor from the capital who one day decided to make a radical change to her life and ended up projecting her dreams, her work and her life in the municipality of Arucas. Her passion for horses, which began in Arucas, led her to learn new disciplines, such as coaching with horses, until she finally manages to find a place in Visvique area, which she transforms into the Finca Ecuestre Essential, where personal growth activities such as coaching, yoga, mindfulness, horse riding and connected riding are carried out.

‘For me, the most impressive thing when you do a coaching session with horses is to see how the person is transformed in a very short period of time, they begin to feel emotion, they break down walls, barriers, judgements and prejudices that they may have. I would recommend anyone who has not had contact with horses to let themselves be carried away, to let themselves be surprised’.

Nereida lives her work with great passion, and she gets emotional when she talks about her horse Orion, whom she lost not long ago, and which was the main reason that brought her to Arucas. This sensitivity is what she tries to transmit to the users of the farm who come into contact with the horses in search of personal development or simply a satisfying experience that makes them want to come back again and get closer to these spectacular animals.


Arucas is outstandingly active in the world of horses. El Rodeo - Centro Hípico de Arucas has been a reference point on the island of Gran Canaria for several decades, as have other companies and professionals such as Ato Rodríguez, founder of "Arucas a Caballo" and who today maintains his coaching activities and experiences with horses in the Centro Hípico de Arucas (Arucas Riding Centre).

We would like to thank the people who have participated in this episode, Agustín Oliva "Tino", director of El Rodeo - Centro Hípico de Arucas, Ato Rodríguez, coach and experiences with horses, and above all Nereida Gil, whom we would like to thank for having chosen Arucas to develop her personal and professional project. We wish them the best of luck so that Arucas continues to be the horse capital of Gran Canaria.


Production and Direction: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Arucas (Concejalía de Promoción Económica y Turismo)

Camera: Antonio Domingo Pérez Acosta (Reflejos pro)

Editing: Teresa Armesto (Reflejos pro)

Script and interviews: Epifanio Gómez Navarro y David Cabrera Guillén

Photography: Nacho González Oramas

Assistans: Miriam Cárdenes Suárez

Collaboration / Acknowledgments: Finca Ecuestre Essential; El Rodeo - Centro Hípico de Arucas; Arucas a Caballo - Ato Rodríguez; Radio Arucas

Funding: Gobierno de Canarias (Consejería de Turismo, Industria y Comercio) y Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Arucas (Concejalía de Promoción Económica y Turismo)