Street markets

Municipal Market

C/ Dr. Fernando Caubín Ponce, 28
35400 Arucas, Las Palmas

Arucas Traditional Market

Calle Juan de Bethencourt
35400 Arucas, Las Palmas
Economic Development Counselling: 928 62 28 88

Opening hours: Saturdays 8:00 AM - 14:00 PM

Coordinated by the Economic Development Counselling of the Arucas City Council, this street market was created to respond to the demands of the vendors who install their market stalls in Arucas to sell their products.

Nowadays, the Arucas’ Traditional Market takes place in Parque de la Paz, behind the Saint John Baptist Church, one of the most remarkable places in the historic center of Arucas.

Because of this fact, the vendor’s market stalls, and the local businesses joined together in a unique atmosphere. You can find stand of fruit and vegetables, local cheeses, honig, bread and a variety of products from the island.

Arucas Agricultural and livestocks Market.

Location:Experimental Agricultural Farm ‘s installations
Address: Carretera General del Norte KM 7, Cardones (Arucas)

Arucas’ Agricultural and livestocks Market started in June 2008, as an initiative of the Coordination of Agricultural and Stockbreeders Organizations (COAG, in its Spanish acronym), and the Federation of Stockbreeders of Gran Canaria (Fedegran, in its Spanish acronym). Later on, it was transferred to the Gran Canaria Island Council, the institution in charge of its actual organization

This market takes place once every fifteen days in the installations of the Agricultural Farm of the Island Council, located next to the Arucas’ deviation from GC-2, in the north coast of Gran Canaria. The market is formed by 65 expositors (farmers and stockbreeders) who commercialize directly with their products and the final consumer. This way, the prices get cheaper because they save on intermediary expenses.