Arucas Municipal Museum

The Municipal Museum

The Municipal Museum of Arucas is located in the house of the Majorat of Arucas. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century thanks to the initiative of the administrator, Pedro Alcántara Déniz Miranda, and supported by Mrs. María Luisa Castelli, the owner of the house. After the dissolution of the Majorat (1856), another family became the owner of the house, the same family that founded the Rum Distillery, which was so valuable for the economic life of the Village. The mansion of Alfonso Gourié Álvarez became the house of numerous authorities and relevant people that came to visit Arucas. That is the reason why, from that moment on, the house of the Majorat began to be called “House Gourie”.


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The Municipal Management Commission, chaired by José Henríquez Pitti, began in 1947 with the administrative process to buy part of the Gourié’s Gardens. Due to the intentions of turning the farm into an urban area, the Mayor City Council declared the gardens and House Gourié to be of public interest. It was at this time when the first expropriations took place.

On June 23rd, 1948, the eve of the local holidays of Saint John Baptist, the priest blessed part of those gardens, which nowadays constitute the Municipal Park. With this gesture, the area was inaugurated. After those events, the corporations, firstly run by Francisco Ferrera Rosales and finally by Manuel Pérez y Pérez, bought a third part left of that farm, including the house and its back garden. The ambitious project they had for the house ended up in 1976 when the different rooms of the house finally turned into exhibition rooms. Nowadays, the artworks of Santiago Santana, Manolo Ramos, Guillermo Sureda, Abraham Cádenes, and its followers can always be visited, as they are part of a permanent exhibition.

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