Cultural House

Founded in 1973, in order to house the Public Library, it is a traditional Canarian house from the 17th century

The building occupies an irregular plot. Its oldest part faces San Juan Street, which was built in 1687, and the main entry is located in Gourié Street, which was reformed in 1973 by the local artist Santiago Santana. This painter, closely related with the artistic movement of Indigenism, joined the reforms of Colombus House in 1948, and also created countless projects for the Island Council of Gran Canaria.

In collaboration with him, the local stoneworker Pedro Pérez Viera was in charge of the tasks of extraction and carving of the stone extracted from El Cerrillo stone quarry and Pinto’s Ravine. He applied the design and patterns made by Santiago Santana to those pieces. In 1989, the artist Santiago Santana received a posthumous homage in the same building he reformed, and the City Council of Arucas named him an honorary citizen of the city.


Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 14:00

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At the top part of the interior stairs, crossing the entry, we access the inner patio, where we find a majestic 150 years old Drago tree and a gorgeous corridor with wooden columns and stone bases. Moreover, the place is decorated with numerous ornamental details like heraldic coats, ogee arches, ashlars with vegetal decoration, etc.

Its façade has some similarities with some buildings in Vegeta’s neighborhood, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, especially, with the Bishop’s Palace and Columbus House. This fact can be noticed because of the distribution of the stonework pieces in the doors and windows, which are all around their perimeters and divided in two in the central-top part, where the emblem of the city is placed.