The Marchioness´s Garden

This interesting set, owned by the Marquesa de Arucas

This interesting complex is around 500 yards far from the town centre, on the road from Arucas to Bañaderos. It houses a small palace built in 1880 by the first Marquis of Arucas, Don Ramón Madam y Uriondo.

This garden, a local and international botanical jewel, owes its name to its creator´s enthusiasm, the Marquis, for bringing different species back from his frequent journeys. It is currently one of the most complete collections of tropical and sub-tropical flora which, thanks to the microclimate in the historical town of Arucas, is an ideal habitat for the development of the over 2,500 species on show.

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The name “Las Hespérides” belongs to ancient Greek mythology. It was a heavenly garden that marked the limit of the world. Several studies identify this mythological paradise with the Canary Island, because of its geographical situation and ideal climate, and natural conditions.

The Tropical Garden “Las Hespérides” has its origins almost one century ago, and it shows us one of the most complete collections of tropical and subtropical flora, that its creator, the Arucas marquis brought from the several journeys he did throughout his whole life.