Anatot Creative Space and Hostel

Anatot is a space of 12,000 meters. Nestled in a protected palm tree ravine, ideal for meetings, gatherings, retreats, days, meals, etc.,

The reception hours is until 20:00 hours.

Anathoth means "Answer"

In 1985 we started Anatot because we deeply felt the need to create a space that would facilitate new models of relationship with the environment, with oneself and with others, in order to create and make a full and satisfying life. For this purpose we acquired a 12,000m./2 sq. m. property. To the extent of our possibilities and with great enthusiasm, courage and perseverance we have been shaping it, putting soul into it, turning it into a place of peace that welcomes, facilitates learning, harmonious development and encounter.

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Since 1986 many children, youth, adults, have enjoyed and learned, through their experiencies at the ANATOT FARM SCHOOL.

Throughout these years, we have lived the complete processes and artisans of elaboration and transformation of the food. We made bread, cheese, biologic agriculture, gardening, artistics expressions, etc. with friendship values, love for beauty, care for health and the enviroment, facilitating personal and social development through camps, school visits, courses and meetings

During the 1990s, we were a colaborating center of ICFEM. Conducting courses of organic farming, solar energy, cooking, etc.. At the same time Anatot has been chosen by relevant professionals in therapeutic, social and educational work, developing workshops and training courses. Throughout all these years Anatot has been a facilitator space for events, fairs, seasonal celebrations...

We still remember the spring fair "History of a creative madness".

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Street Cruz de Pineda, 5
35400 - Arucas, Gran Canaria

Mobil phone: +34 690 810 291